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Vita Pure Filter (NEW flavors!)

Vita Pure Filter (NEW flavors!)

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  • Vita Pure Filter is design to use with Vita Puresome Showerhead only.
  • Vita Pure Filter consist high concentrated Vitamin can effectively remove chlorine residual in water.
  • Vitamin gel within Vita Pure Filter will dissolve as you shower (water soluble), as per regular circumstances, can use around 15-20 days.
    ** May differ due to number of people used in a family / water pressure / water temperature used.
  • Vita Pure Filter uses natural ingredients such as natural essential oil with rich nutrition derived from a plant that is beneficial to the skin.
    The essential oil will ripe gradually as time goes by and as a result of color change, which also reflected on the Vitamin gel within the filter.
    This is normal, kindly use with peace of mind.


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