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Puresome Paramax Showerhead / Filter

Puresome Paramax Showerhead / Filter

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Paramax Showerhead content :
Paramax showerhead (1ea) + Pico Pure Filter (1ea) + Plain Vita Filter (1ea)(fragrance free)
  • Paramax Pico Pure Filter is designed with Ultrafiltration Membrane that is used in water purifiers, which enables it to filter impurities (rust, mud), even microplastics, and bacteria.
  • Plain Vita Filter (100% pure plant-based vitamins, fragrance-free) contains Vitamin that enables the removal of residual chlorine from water leaving skin hydrated and with less irritation.
  • Please take note that Paramax can only use with it own Pico Pure Water and Plain Vita Filter. 
  • Duration of the Pico Pure Filter, due to the strong filtration ability, the average duration will be around 2-3 weeks or even up to a month ( depending on the water quality of every household)
  • Do not use Paramax with other Vitamin Filter (Vita Milk Filter/ SPA Milk Filter/ Mini Vita Filter Set) as may block its own Pico Pure Filter and weaken the water pressure and shorten filter duration.





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