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Puresome Bulk Filter (Refill)

Puresome Bulk Filter (Refill)

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  • Puresome Bulk Filter - Filter out rust water and impurities.
    Made with micro-sediment cartridge filter that is commonly used in water purifiers (P.P Filter Cotton). which is designed in a fine fibrous structure

  • Puresome Bulk PRO Filter - Filter out rust water, impurities, chlorine residual and harmful heavy metals.
    Made with 3 layers that effectively filter and block impurities, rust sediment and absorb chlorine and carcinogen trihalomethane in water.

  • We recommend replacing a new filter once every 3-4 months, but it depends on the water quality of your household( it is different for every household).
    If the filter starts to look contaminated or if the water pressure turns weak, please replace it as soon as possible.


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