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Mong Sil Pillow

Mong Sil Pillow

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Product content :
Pillow (1ea) + Pillow Case (1ea)

Available in 4 colors:ย White/ Ivory/ Gray/ Navy (Pillow itself is in white, color variation will be on the pillow case)

High-density memory foam provides just enough support to keep your neck in a relaxed position.ย 3D Ergonomic C-Shaped Design that fits the Neck, new designed quality memory foam offered a greater decrease in pressure.

Firmness: Soft
Pillow height(loft): Low
Support: Moderate support
Suitable forย thoseย ย Sleep with low pillow

Please take note that the yellowish appearance on the pillow rim is the color of the air foam and not a stain. Air Foam material itself has a property of turning yellow, depending on UV irradiation, temperature, and humidity.
You can rest assured that yellowing is a natural phenomenon and is not a product defect.


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