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Cooling Anti-Bug Bedding

Cooling Anti-Bug Bedding

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Blanket (Single) 160 x 210cm  (±3cm) / Weight : 1.3 kg
             (Queen) 200 x 230cm (±3cm) / Weight : 1.6 kg

Pad (Single)  110 x 200cm (±3cm)  / Weight : 1.5 kg
       (Queen) 150 x 200cm  (±3cm)  / Weight : 1.8 kg

  • Fabric of the blanket uses a special process of natural insect-repellent technology that enables to reduce the interference of mosquitos and mites.
  • Cooling Mattress Pad uses cooling fabric and soft 3D mesh padding with extra air cushion provides breathability and coolness during sleep.
  • Recommended washing with 16kg or above washing machine.
  • Effectiveness against mosquitos and mites is not permanent and may gradually reduce as time passes by multiple washing.

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