【Ideal Holiday Gift Ideas .zip】Here is the list for you, save it first! 🎁

【Ideal Holiday Gift Ideas .zip】Here is the list for you, save it first! 🎁


What~? It's the season of gift exchanging again?

I have no idea what to buy now!!! 🤯
Gift buying and giving can feel like a never-ending to-do list every year! 🎄


(ohhh wowww~)

Pick a special and cute present is always difficult~ but we got you some practical and best price gifting list🎁 

A gift that will definitely make you happy!!

Gift Under $50: 

1. Best Selling Addiction Pillow 😍😍

2. Minions Collection Showerhead

Super cute collaboration with BODYLUV, especially for minions fans!!!
One of our most popular item showerhead 🍌



 3. Puresome Showerhead

Showering with a fresh fruity aroma, the scent will take away tiredness and leave you feeling refreshed🛀💧

 4. Gudd Laundry + Laundry Perfume 

Gives your clothes an extra scent and freshness🌼
Safe ingredients with low irritation 🌿



 4. Gudd Shampoo & Dish Soap Bar 

Gudd Shampoo Bar 🤩 
Better oil removal effect than liquid shampoo!

Dish Soap Bar 
It does not add any harmful substances, preservatives, or chemical components, and has a deep cleaning effect!


Gift Over $50: 

1. #Hyunbin's Pick "Mongsil Pillow"




2. Super cute Minions Hug Pillow

Best choice for you kiddos! 🎅🏼


  Hurry up! Christmas is almost here~ 🧚🏼🎄


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