When your home is occupied by "MINIONS", your mood can't feel bad! Stay happy💛

When your home is occupied by "MINIONS", your mood can't feel bad! Stay happy💛

After the MINIONS: the rise of GRU* movie out last month, have you all watched the movie?🤩

As a professional fan, of course, your should definitely need some cute but useful merchandise at home right hahahahahah🤣

Most of the merch is figures or cups. Here are some Minions bedding collections, I believe your kids would love to take a nap every day!🧸


Bellooooooo💛💛💛 Take a look at this mad cute MINIONS Collection! BODYLUV most popular waterline showerhead, vita milk filter, and bedding hug pillow, beanbag & eye mask😍
Can anyone say no to this?! I'm so excited and can't wait to try them all💥


As soon as I got home and lay on the bed when I saw this lovely pillow and my stress was relieved! Even my kids keep stealing my hug pillow. Have to buy another one for her🎁


Cute MINIONS beanbag that you can't say no to! Such a healing pillow makes you feel better when using it. 🤩💛

More reviews 🆅



Summer break season is coming soon♡ You must have to spend more than half a day in your house! Stay cute and comfy! Why not have one🧸🎉

➊ MIONIONS Addiction Eye Mask

This eye mask is 100% light blocking, especially for those who are sensitive to light ~ the eye circles can be adjusted freely, suitable for all face shapes!👍🏻Great for travel, bring it anywhere with it💯

➋ Kevin Hug Pillow

A body pillow allows you to relax your muscles and stay in proper alignment. By placing the body pillow between your knees and hugging it as you sleep, your body will not feel the need to twist because your weight is evenly distributed. This is why the body pillow is so helpful for people with back issues. 🍋 🍌MINIONS hug pillow is a good choice for both kids and adults!😍

The detachable zipper design can remove the pillow cover directly, throw it in the washing machine and wash it!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


➌ Bob Beanbag



This is absolutely the favorite one for kids and pets! Use the same type of air ball as the addiction pillow, which is very stable and firm! Also, designed with a detachable zipper. Easy to clean and manage.🧀🧈 🥞 🧇

🆅 Open Bob's head hahahahhaha

The last month selling MINIONS products! Some items are in low stocks, Seize the last chance and get the #MINIONS and it will end soon!!🔥🔥



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