What to Get Mom for Upcoming Motherโ€™s Day? Practical Gift Ideas To Show Our Appreciation โค | BODYLUV Singapore

What to Get Mom for Upcoming Motherโ€™s Day? Practical Gift Ideas To Show Our Appreciation โค | BODYLUV Singapore

My mom...

She always forgets to love herself because of us...

She always ties her hair up...

She doesn't really dress herself up...

She doesnโ€™t have a job but is busier than any of us...

She doesn't care about the latest fashion trends...

Sometimes, she gets so busy that she can't even sit down and watch her favourite drama...

Her whole world is all about us and taking care of our needs, but neglecting herself...

She always place us first โ™ฅ

She did everything she could for us โ™ฅ

Due to her busy schedule..

She doesn't have time to take care of her skin and herself...

Hence, on this special day...Itโ€™s time for us to show some love and appreciation โ™ฅ

Mom's skin is particularly dry due to all the housework over the years!

Aging will also cause a change in skin condition and it turns dry if not moisturized properly.

What do moms need most at this time? Read on if you aren't sure what to get for your beloved Mom for Mother's Day 2020!ย 

We are going to introduce several affordable, yet practical gift ideas to you!

๏ฝœBodyluv Vita Milk Shower Best Price SGD$25.80 {Now with a Buy 3 Free 1 Bundle Deal at only SGD$79.80!}

Hydrate the skin while taking a shower! This Vita Milk Shower helps to filter out chlorine and impurities in the tap water. Plus it contains Vitamin C of up to 37000mg!!!๐Ÿ‹

Vitamin C helps to prevent skin damage and comes with whitening effect to ensure skin stays soft and hydrated โ™ก

Available in 4 attractive fragrances; Grapefruit | Lavender Blossom | Baby Powder | Blue Lime

ย ๏ฝœBODYLUV Calamansi Vitamin Soap Best Price SGD$15.00ย 

Have you ever heard of โ€˜Chlorine Removalโ€™? This product is able to remove Chlorine in tap water, tested and proven! It is great for daily skin cleansing to purify and nourish the skin.ย 

What can BODYLUV Calamansi Vitamin Soap do?

  1. Whiteningย 
  2. Moisturizing
  3. Deep Cleansing
  4. Purifying Pores

Not only can it effectively remove the Chlorine in water, it has strong cleansing strength as well! Get rid of excess sebum, impurities and even blackheads! *It will not dry out the skin, but hydrates the skin instead!* ย If you don't know what to get, you can consider this though! โ™ฅ

*For maximum results, use this soap with the [Bubble Net]ย to lather up rich bubble foam!ย 

๏ฝœBODYLUVย  Puresome Shower Head ย Best Price SGD$34.80

Better Hygiene, Better Health! The health of our family members is always the priority!

Apart from the dust at home that we can see with our naked eyes, do you know that water can also be one of the causes of skin allergies?

Pure Filter is a cartridge filter that uses micro-sediment filters used in water purifiers to effectively block particles found in old water pipes like rust, dirt, impurities, etc.

Showering is supposed to be the most relaxing time of the day for moms, but some shower heads come with weak water pressure...not relaxing at all!ย 

After doing lots of housework and cooking, moms deserve a good relaxing shower experience!

BODYLUV Puresome Shower Head not only saves water, but also makes the water pressure stronger โ™ฅย 

Unique design with 218 micro-holes + changeable Puresome Filterโœฆ

With SGS International Product Safety Test Certification and comes with a transparent casing, for you to see whether the filter needs to be replaced at a glance! โ™ก

Mother's Day is around the corner, time to pamper your mom!ย 

No matter whatโ€™s the price of the gift, your mom will love whatever you give her! Itโ€™s the thought that counts! Remember, your mom loves you more than anyone else :โ€™)


Images Source: @ pixabay.com / @ pixabay.com



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