Wet weather alert⚠️A dry and refreshing blanket is so important!

Wet weather alert⚠️A dry and refreshing blanket is so important!

Entering the summer rainy season, the weather every day makes people feel very lazy 🤗

Wet shoes, wet socks, rainy days, clothes dry or not, the air is full of damp feeling...obviously annoyed!!

Blankets and beds tend to stink when wet, and you don't want to cover them after taking a shower!

Turning on the dehumidifier at home every day is not an option

In addition to the high electricity bill, even the skin becomes dry😫

At this time, you will know how important a dry and refreshing blanket is!

So how to choose a good blanket?

Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose semi-microfiber fabrics

Since the fiber fabric does not absorb moisture, it keeps the blanket dry and refreshing for a long time

But!! How can only fibre fabrics be enough in summer?

I need more!~ I want more cooling feel ~

Then you can also choose a blanket made of cool fabrics, such as polyester, nylon, etc.

Most of them use materials with fast heat conduction, which can quickly conduct heat away from the surface of the body, thereby achieving the effect of cooling.

If you want to have both functions

Then you can try BODYLUV Cooling Anti-Bug Blanket

Double-sided design, made of different fabrics on both sides, can be turned over and used according to the weather

Normal side can be used in recent humid weather

If it enters the night from July to August and the temperature is above 30 degrees, you can use the cooling side for better cooling feel.


📍What is the difference between double-sided materials?

In addition to feeling different textures, you can also use sewing thread to distinguish

The dry and normal side is smooth, while the cool side can see small spots

What else do you care about on a hot and humid night?

This blanket also repels mosquitoes! Add 3 kinds of natural raw materials, harmless to the human body

Imidacloprid Pyrethrins are effective against a broad spectrum of insects, are a natural repellent ingredient, are safe for humans (all ages) and skin, and are harmful only to insects
Phytoncide The natural antiseptic ingredients in cypress not only have excellent antibacterial effects but also help reduce stress, fight fatigue and improve sleep quality
Geranium Extract  The aroma of geranium and the ingredients of geraniol can prevent mosquitoes and mites. It is known as a natural insect-repellent plant, has refreshing and calming effects, and helps relieve insomnia


And there are a total of 5 colours to choose from~ It feels super cool from the colour matching!

  • Vanilla




  • Pistachio


  • Ice Blue


  • Ocean Navy

  • Cool Grey

Entering the room every night, the mood will no longer be affected by the humid weather~



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