Trying to improve your skin condition?  If you continue to use โ€˜suchโ€™ water, you are even wasting all your skin care products!

Trying to improve your skin condition? If you continue to use โ€˜suchโ€™ water, you are even wasting all your skin care products!

Do you have your own skin care regime or routine? If your skin condition hasnโ€™t been improving, maybe it is related to the water condition at home.ย 
For those who have been to Korea, most of the people there have porcelain flawless skin without any obvious blemishes. That kind of soft and dewy skin like โ€˜hard boiled eggโ€™ makes us jealous, but how is it possible for them to achieve it? Apart from the change in weather, water condition is also a big factor to think about.ย 
The water condition has a connection with our skin. A netizen has shared her experience on moving out and staying at the hostel. Due to old housings and water pipes that havenโ€™t been cleaned up for many years, bumps start to appear on her face. Nothing helps even after applying different skin care products!ย 
As a result, this netizen moved back home after graduating from school and the skin condition has improved drastically. Now, you know how much impact our skin is affected by water that flows through old and filthy pipes in the house.ย 
If you realized that thereโ€™s a weird smell after boiling the water, or when your bathroom floor tiles start to turn yellowish, all these are signs to warn you about the water condition. If you continue to use โ€˜suchโ€™ water to wash your face, not only it is unhygienic, of course it affects your skin condition.ย 
Just renovated your house? What about those โ€˜hiddenโ€™ pipes for over 20, 30 years? They become rusty and contain bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine...all these result in water contamination that arenโ€™t good for your skin.ย 
Your sink faucet may be filled with โ€˜brownish/blackโ€™ dirt. Isnโ€™t it disgusting? If you donโ€™t believe, simply remove it and see it for yourself. After which, it reminds you that youโ€™re using water that goes through all these to wash your face, brush your teeth every single day...๐Ÿคฎ
But in recent years, many households have installed filters to boil water or cook with peace of mind. With social media and our advanced technology, more people are aware about the importance of water condition that they use to wash face or brush teeth. Today, we shall recommend to you this amazing little product that helps you monitor the water condition at your house!
Old water pipes? Nope, you donโ€™t have to tear them down!ย  BODYLUV Puresome Washsbasin Tap has a filter core that is able to block out ย 1ใŽ›~5ใŽ› fine particles! This pure filter can filter particles that are 1/12~1/60 the width of hair. Basically, it is able to effectively block particles found in old water pipes like dust, impurities, rust, etc. Other than that, it is designed in a transparent casing, that makes it convenient for you to monitor the changes / water condition.
Many customers have shared their personal reviews online, most of them used it for around 1 to 2 weeks and they can see the filter core turning brown. They no longer taste any โ€˜weird tasteโ€™ when brushing their teeth! Really cannot believe what kind of water they have been using in the past to brush their scary! ๐Ÿ˜ณ
One more outstanding thing about BODYLUV Pureosome Washbasin comes with strong and smooth water pressure, all thanks to the 510 micro-holes on the spray plate!ย 
Due to the transparent design, you can notice the change in filter coreโ€™s condition. Replacing the filter core with a new piece is easy as well! For most households, simply change it after every 2 months (unless the degree of contamination is really serious and you can change it accordingly).ย 
After installing Puresome Washbasin Tap,ย  no more โ€˜weird tasteโ€™ in the water, skin condition will improve and with the strong water pressure, it saves you time and money! This is definitely a household essential!ย 
Apart from Puresome Washbasin Tap, BODYLUV has other products under the Puresome Series - (Puresome Shower Head) & (Puresome Kitchen). No matter how dirty or old the pipes are, we help you monitor the water condition and block out what arenโ€™t necessary! We provide all you need for proper hygiene and safety!ย 
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