The Best Water Filter Without Drilling or Hacking - Remove Chlorine, Lead, Fluoride and Heavy Metals

The Best Water Filter Without Drilling or Hacking - Remove Chlorine, Lead, Fluoride and Heavy Metals

First thing first, howโ€™s the water condition at home? We leave the tap running to wash face, brush teeth, shower and even for cooking. It is really important to monitor the flowing water for our personal health and hygiene.ย 

We know that old houses can be renovated to look new once again, but what about the old water pipelines (more than 10 or 20 years)? Itโ€™s extremely troublesome and costly to change them with all the hacking works.ย 

If you think that the water you use everyday seems clean and there is nothing wrong, try disassembling the shower head or sink faucet in the bathroom and take a look...

โ–ผOh the sink faucet in my bathroom like this too? ๐Ÿคฎyucks๐Ÿคฎโ–ผ

Look at the black dirt, fine sand and a whole chunk of unknown impurities.

The tap water we use daily goes through such pipelines and then you use it to brush your teeth, wash your face, wash the rice for cooking, boil water, etcโ€ฆ

Wah...donโ€™t want to think about it anymore ๐Ÿ˜“

Old pipelines are breeding grounds for dirt and bacteria, which cause skin diseases that affect our health.ย 

However, it is a big project to clean the pipelines or to replace them. What should we do?ย 

BODYLUV Water Line

BODYLUV - A Korea household brand has launched several products under the โ€˜Water Lineโ€™ for water filtration. With them, they reduce the amount of harmful particles and impurities in the water easily without any drilling or hacking!ย 

BODYLUV โ€˜Water Lineโ€™ includes -

๐Ÿ’™Bodyluv Puresome Shower Head

๐Ÿ’™Bodyluv Puresome Kitchen

๐Ÿ’™Bodyluv Puresome Washbasin Tap

Take care of your bathroom and your bathroom will take care of you! The secret in these products lies on the filter core!

The Pure Filter is a cartridge filter that uses micro-sediment filters used in water purification to effectively block particles found in old water pipes like dust , impurities,rust,etc.ย ย 

The Pure filter can filter particles that are 1/12 ~ 1/60 the width of hair! ๐Ÿ’•Take a look at even the dirty water of the Han River. After passing through the filter, it becomes clean and clear instantly!

๏ฝœTransparent design to clearly see the changes in filter

Many netizens have shared their experiences after using it. Seeing that the filter starts turning yellowish, makes people wonder what kind of water they have beenย using in life, really shocking~

๏ฝœ Cost-Effective & Saves Waterย 

BODYLUV Puresome Shower Head is very powerful with 218 micro water outlet holes, which can increase water pressure and also achieve water-saving effects!

โ–ผ The water pressure becomes stronger and more effective (the same amount of water is used, only the shower head is replaced) โ–ผ

๏ฝœEasy replacement of filter

Unless the water pipes in your home are extremely dirty, generally a filter can be used for about two months. We recommend replacing it every 1-2 months, but it all depends on the water condition at your house :) Once the filter becomes yellow and filthy, you should change it!

The replacement method is really easy. Just turn the faucet lightly and replace with a new filter and it is like brand new once again!ย 

Bodyluv Puresome Washbasin Tap

The water quality is important as we all need to wash face and brush teeth every morning and night. For girls, we spend a lot of money on cosmetics and skincare products, but then skin conditions never seem to improve. Perhaps, the problem lies in the water we use everyday!

Bodyluv Puresome Kitchen

We all know that cooking starts with clean water. This is really something to note for those who cook at home! There have been reports that 33% of harmful bacteria detected in kitchen faucets are twice as high as toilet door handles...๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคข

Imagine what would have happened if you don't take care of the water quality at home? *๐Ÿ˜ณIt is a bacteria party in your stomach...woohoo!*

Hold up, even if you don't usually cook...Iโ€™m sure that you will still use the kitchen tap water for cooking instant noodles, boiling water, washing fruits, washing your kitchenware, etc...

โš  Be alert guys! โš 


*BONUS - Enjoy an aromatherapy shower with this scented filter*

There are no better ways to end a long day than showering with Bodyluv Vita Milk Shower - it helps to filter out Chlorine in tap water and releases a refreshing fragrance as you turn on the water!ย 

What is Chlorine Residual?

The tap water we usually use is disinfected by adding Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide. After a period of time, Chlorine Residual will remain in the water. As you shower in the bathroom with doors closed, your body will absorb the Chlorine Residual, which may cause your skin to dry and accelerate aging.

The Vitamin C and Aromatherapy contained in this Vita Milk Shower can help to eliminate Chlorine Residual (look at the following experiment as it helps to turn water with Chlorine to clean and transparent again!)ย 

โ–ผ A fragrance filter that can remove Chlorine Residual โ–ผ

ใ€ BODYLUV 'Water Lineโ€™ ใ€‘

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