Slept for 8 hours but still feel tired? Sleep quality over sleep quantity! 

Slept for 8 hours but still feel tired? Sleep quality over sleep quantity! 

Do you have these problems? Super tired but can’t fall asleep or deliberately going to bed early and sleep until the next morning, but still woke up feeling even more tired? 

Sleep quality affects the quality of life. It is already tiring to go to work or attend classes. If you are not in good mental health state, it’s really a big torture……

Do you want to improve the quality of sleep?

First, do not stay up late and try to sleep for a full 6 to 8 hours. Most people feel burned-out because they wake up in the middle of sleep, which is known as a sleep disorder. 

Using the phone before going to bed, with lots of things going on in your mind?

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Many people like to catch up on dramas, play games or browse social media pages before bed time. In fact, all these cause mental excitement and easily affect the sleep quality. 

I know, I know...the feeling of “Ok, just one more episode and I will sleep”...but it’s never ending 😂

In addition, these electronic devices release blue light which disturbs the wake and sleep cycle, leading to problems sleeping and daytime tiredness. The light exposure may also be harmful to our vision and overall health. 

Besides, there is another group of people who can’t sleep due to stress and anxiety.  Worrying about impending deadlines and ‘to-do list’, etc. Your mental wheels start turning and you can’t stay calm. Before you know it, an hour has passed since you turned off the lights. Next day, you will be totally unproductive due to lack of sleep. 

A common method is to do some simple exercises every day. A workout helps to burn your energy and relieve stress, so that you can sleep better at night. You can also drink a cup of warm milk or hot chocolate before going to bed. Furthermore, a relaxing scent is able to calm your mind to prepare for sleep. 


This product, ‘BODYLUV Good Sleep Perfume’ has lots of positive reviews since its launch date in Korea. Netizens are really pleased with it and claimed that it is the ‘The miracle for a good night’s sleep’! 

It is really easy to use! Before heading to bed, just spray it on your pillow or bed to fill the room with a pleasant and soothing fragrance. Go into a chill and relax mode and relieve stress. Why not put aside your phone before going to bed? Don’t let it affect your mind. With better sleep, you will be more productive at work or in school. 

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A pillow that suits you

A good pillow is very important for sleep. Please do not have the mindset, “I have pillow can already, don’t care if it’s soft or comfortable”. 

By picking a pillow that is not suitable for you, not only is it difficult to fall asleep, it also adds pressure on your neck and shoulders in the long run. To add on, you are already sitting down for long hours during the day, often using your phone, plus this poor posture (caused by your existing pillow) at night…’s really bad! 😱


In terms of sleeping position, it is best to sleep on your back to allow your head, neck and spine to rest in a neutral position. With no extra pressure on these areas, you are less likely to experience pain. 

Choose the right pillow for the best posture! What exactly is a pillow that suits you? The easiest way to determine if it suits you is to see if it can perfectly support the head, neck and shoulders. 

Still not sure which one to choose? No worries, try BODYLUV Addiction Pillow!


BODYLUV Addiction Pillow is for everyone! It adjusts to your sleeping position, be it the softness or height because it is filled with more than 8 million micro air balls! Before going to bed, press and adjust the pillow until it is suitable and comfortable when you lie down. 

▼ The ergonomic design of Addiction Pillows provides support to the neck and shoulders ▼


Addiction Pillow really get people addicted in using it! With over 1 million sets sold in Korea, it is a hot topic and product online! Look, Wendy from Red Velvet is also one of the you should try it too!

▼ The comfortable Addiction Pillow, Wendy loves it too! ▼


Toss it into the washing machine for cleaning

In this hot weather, we sweat, drool, etc during sleep 😏. People usually wash only the pillow case, but look at the filthy yellow pillow cushion right underneath the pillow case! It is full of dandruff and dust mites that you cannot see! This thing is totally the ‘bacteria breeding ground’. It is really disgusting to sleep with them everyday! 


Besides giving you good sleep at night, Addiction Pillow is washable as a whole, making it convenient and hygienic! 


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Don’t bear to turn on the aircon for the whole night, but it’s too


During the daytime, we get to enjoy the aircon in the company or school. But when we reach home, we wish to save electricity bills (because this is paid by us 🙃). Do you often wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat too? 


To combat the heat, BODYLUV has launched this ‘Addiction Waterproof Cool Mat’, also known as the ‘floor-type aircon’. The top-quality material gives a cooling sensation which is really comfortable. After lying down on it, it reduces the body temperature by 6°C! 


▼ Body temperature cools down after using Addiction Waterproof Cool Mat▼

▼ Bed as a breeding ground for bacteria ▼


Weekends or holidays should be relaxing. We tend to laze around on the bed on days like these! However, what happens when you spill your food and drinks on it?! 😓

The best part about Addiction Waterproof Cool Mat is that it is 100% Waterproof. No worries about soiling the bed if you knock down food and drinks accidentally. Simply wash the whole mat in the washing machine. Yes, you are right, the entire piece can be placed inside the washing machine! 


You can use this cooling mat anywhere! Lay it on your bed, sofa or even on the floor! Play your PS4 or chase after your Korean dramas by staying cool. 

Do you wish to have a great sleep…? It’s time to try out the 3 products mentioned above! 


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