Worried about dirty water stains, rust and dirt attached on the surface of the water pipe?

Worried about dirty water stains, rust and dirt attached on the surface of the water pipe?

Take a look at the shower pipes in your bathroom.
Does it look like this?

Not sure you were just like me, brushing and scrubbing the hose pipe almost every couple of days and it still can't get rid of the dirty stuff that stuck between the lines.

and we all know we have to take care of everything we put in the bathroom, especially if your bathroom doesn't have a window and it doesn't ventilation at all. All the bacteria will exposure into the air in the bathroom...and you imaging ~๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ

Well, just like everyone else...

Changed to Addiction Pillow and Summer Blanket for better sleep during the night; Changed to the Puresome Showerhead and Vita Milk Filter because worried about the tap water quality; so how about the hose tube?

โ€” Here's the one thing you can do!
Pick a shower hose tube with a smooth and clean surface
BODYLUV Puresome Shower Hose Tube

There are 3 major advantages of Puresome Shower Hose Tube, which can solve all the problems caused by regular metal hose at one time!

Advantage 1๏ธโƒฃ Prevent the hose from tangling

Are you bothered by the tangled shower hose every time while showering? Puresome shower hoses have an anti-twist function to prevent kinks and twists!

Puresome Shower Hose Tube uses a 360-degree rotation connection to prevent entanglement by patent certification design!ย The internal design of the water pipe can be rotated 360 degrees to prevent kinks and twists

Prevent them from kinking and twisting ๐Ÿ”ฝ

Advantage 2๏ธโƒฃ Flexible PVC material, & Prevent Water Stains & Better Hygienic

According to news reports, the shower hose tube is one of the items that we use every day but often neglect and not clean. The old and unclean shower tube is dirtier and holds 12 times more bacteria than a public toilet!

The rust, mold, and water stains that accumulate in the shower tube should be replaced regularly.

Puresome Shower Hose Tube made of high-strength PVC, with a smooth surface, it is not easy to stain with dirt and dirty objects, and it is more hygienic in use. Moreover, PVC is softer than ordinary metal water pipes, provided better comfortable to use.ย 

Made of PVC material to make a triple structure, the middle structure increases the strength of the water pipe to be stronger, strengthens the durability~

Advantage 3๏ธโƒฃ Simple Installation

Just like Puresome Showerheads and BODYLUV water line products, easy installation is always one of the important points!
All you need is 10secs to install!

Pretty easy huh?

By only costing you SGD$ 19.80, you can install a Puresome Shower Hose Tube to reduce the growth of bacteria and reduce the chance of children being injured.

Available in 2 colors: Dark Gray/Silver Gray





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