Still, using liquid shampoo?๐ŸŒผ Bodyluv launched a natural shampoo soap that is easy to use, affordable, and eco-friendly!๐ŸŒ

Still, using liquid shampoo?๐ŸŒผ Bodyluv launched a natural shampoo soap that is easy to use, affordable, and eco-friendly!๐ŸŒ

What do you wash your hair with? I believe most people wash their hair with shampoo followed by conditioner! But did you know shampoo ingredients are important to our scalp?ย ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Do you have these troubles?

โ˜‘ Frequent acne on the scalp or body
Some people think that they must use shampoo to wash their hair to keep hair clean. In fact, some strong cleaning effect shampoos are added with chemical surfactants and cause irritate the scalp. In severe cases, these chemical components can also cause oily scalp rashes, itching, etc! Therefore, if the chemical composition is left on the skin when shampooing, might easy to cause allergies.

โ˜‘ Dandruff problem
Remember, dandruff doesn't mean that your hair isn't clean, it could be your shampoo. There are generally three types of dandruff. First is oily dandruff. If using a too moisturizing shampoo, it will easily clog the pores, causing folliculitis. Second is dry dandruff, which mostly occurs when the seasons change, when the scalp is dry or lacks water and oil, resulting in peeling of the surface skin. The third one is sensitive skin. Like the first point above.

โ˜‘ Use environmentally friendly packaging

HOMEGUDD Collection
Degrease Shampoo Bar๐Ÿ‘‘ + Silky Conditioner Barโœจ

Benefit 1) Natural ingredients, no chemical residues

The main components of liquid shampoo are preservatives, thickeners, chemical surfactants, etc., which will reduce the cleaning ability of the shampoo itself. In order to optimize the oil removal effect, BODYLUV only compresses the main ingredients into solid and uses weak acid raw materials, which are gentle on the scalp. Because it does not contain chemical substances, the hair will feel dry at the beginning of use, but after time goes by, this discomfort will be reduced๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


Benefit 2) Even soap bar has an excellent oil removal effect!

Since BODYLUV is very confident in the product, it has also conducted experiments through the Korean Chemical Research Test Research. The comparison of the scalp oil rate before and after use isย  93% reduction!ย 

4 main ingredients

Sapindus Role as a natural surfactant
Produces rich foam
Effectively cleanse sebum and keratin
French green clay Rich mineral
Strong moisturizing effect
Effect of absorbing sebum and removing oil
Vegetable surfactant Scalp cleansing
Houttuynia cordata extract Scalp calmingย 



Benefit 3) Save the world, no bottle!

BODYLUV does not contain harmful ingredients such as silicones, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, and parabens for the sake of the sick earth. And more than 90% of the ingredients have obtained the first level of EWG verification, which proves that it is safe and easy to use!

Benefit 4) Healing fragrance, and relaxing

A fresh citrus fragrance that everyone loves!


Benefit 5) Great size and affordable price

Benefit 6) Use with Silky Conditioner Soap

People who have dyed or bleached hair should use conditioner, so we also prepared conditioner soap. Contains 15,000mg of castor oil, rich in fatty acids, to prevent hair from drying out, leaving hair healthy and lustrous. Vitamin D is also added to provide nourishment to the hair.


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