When my mom came to my house for the first time, she was shocked! Take her to experience the life of young Koreans

When my mom came to my house for the first time, she was shocked! Take her to experience the life of young Koreans

I am finally independent! ! It's been almost a month since I moved out of my house and lived alone.

Last week my mom came to my house for the first time and she was stunned ๐Ÿค—

How is it different from our original home?


It turns out that you can have a SPA without a bathtub! ?

If you add MSM organic sulfur in the hot spring to the tap water, you can enjoy the same effect as a spa at home~

Vitamin C contains about 760 lemons, which can brighten the complexion, remove the residual chlorine in the water, and make you feel more at ease when taking a bath.

You can choose from four different fragrances, there is always one you like ๐Ÿ˜˜

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It turns out that pillows can be thrown directly into the washing machine for regular cleaning! ?


Whether it's a hot day or a rainy day, I'm always a person who sweats easily when I sleep. I once had to change pillowcases all day long

But every time I feel that it is useful not to change the pillow, just change the pillowcase...

Until I found this pillow that goes straight into the washing machine just by putting it in the laundry net!

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It turns out you can use the same soap you use to wash dishes and fruit! ?

My soap of choice has no added parabens and is made with natural ingredients

Of course, you can wash fruits with peace of mind! Don't think that washing the dishes will not be clean!

You see the bubbles are super rich!

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It turns out that cooking does not need oil! ?

The pan features a special coating method, as well as a durable non-stick coating that allows you to cook with less oil.

Even Chinese-style high-salt food will not damage the coating

Another advantage is that it will be clean after just a few clean~ It is very suitable for lazy people like me

You can choose the size you need, one set is the most convenient!


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Turns out ice cubes can be coloured! ?

I've used square ice cubes before but then the cubes melted too quickly and the drink became watery.

With this round ice ball maker , you can add fruits and different liquids, and it tastes better when it melts๐Ÿ˜›

Since I live alone, in addition to making ice cubes, I'll use them to store my leftover garlic, spices, and chicken stock. That way I can use it the next time I need it, so the spices will not be wasted.

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It turns out that the stains are so easy to clean and wipe! ?

This wet paper towel is amazing, just pull it and you can use it~

The paper towels can be discarded after cleaning, which is convenient and quick, and there is no need to worry about hygiene problems at all๐Ÿ‘

Whether it is oil stains, dirt in the corner of the microwave oven, or soup stains, it can be cleaned anywhere you think of!

Looking at the effect again, my mother was still shocked๐Ÿ˜จ

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