Minions 2 is out now, bring some cute Minions daily necessities back home fast! 【Yellow Summer Vibe 💛😍】

Minions 2 is out now, bring some cute Minions daily necessities back home fast! 【Yellow Summer Vibe 💛😍】

After waiting for more than 2️⃣ years,
Minions 2 - Rise of Gru* is finally up now!! 🎉

Of course, another Minions craze🍿🎥

If you want to keep up with the trend but not buy some "useless stuff" back home😂, why not take a look at some MINIONS design daily necessities products here with BODYLUV!

Launched in both waterline and bedding series of products that are used in daily life, whether it is for yourself or as a gift😍


Let's first introduce the "Waterline Series" for bathrooms!

There are 4 products in total, 3 of which are also recommended to be used together!

  • Puresome Showerhead
  • Puresome Shower Hose Tube
  • Puresome Vita Milk Filter
  • Vitamin Cala Soap

I believe everyone has heard of "Hyun Bin shower head", and this is the Minions version of shower head!

Like the original puresome shower head, it contains antibacterial balls on the top of the shower head. The handle is also transparent in design, you can clearly see the discoloring and know when to replace the new one.🤩

There are also many customers who review that their skin problems have improved after using it, which shows that water is really important in our daily life!💦 The cutest thing is to hang up Minions, even children who don't like to take a bath at home are starting to love taking a bath🧚🧼

We would suggest that the shower head can be used together with the Vita Milk Filter Cala & Mango. The refreshing aroma of tropical fruit citrus and sweet mango with the function of dechlorination and moisturizing the skin, which is very suitable for summer use!☀️🌴


Vitamin soap can be used to wash your hands, bathe or even wash your face! It can remove residual chlorine that irritates the skin while bathing. It's great!🛀🚿


 If you want to send it to friends who like Minions or family with kids, we highly recommend sending MINIONS Waterline Set (ONLY $108), they will be very happy to receive it 😍💛




Here are even more cute minions bedroom series!🧸🍌

"Bedding series" for living room or bedroom

There are a total of 3 products, 2 of which are loved by both adults and children!

  • Bob's Beanbag
  • Kevin Hug Pillow
  • Kevin Addiction Eye Mask

The texture of the beanbag is similar to an addiction pillow, the size is 54x58cm, it is absolutely no problem to lie on it. People who love to stay at home are definitely worth investing in! And the outer sofa cover can be directly removed and washed in the washing machine, which is awesome! If you think the beanbag is too big, you can choose the Kevin hug pillow, which is better when you sleep. The size is about 66.5x25cm.🧸🛏

All products are in limited quantities, hurry up and take them home💛




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