What to do when the temps made you too sticky to fall asleep?

What to do when the temps made you too sticky to fall asleep?

Troubles sleeping? We' all been there, the miserable feeling...

You plop into your bed, ready for some shuteye, but it's too hot to sleep. Even if you have air conditioning, hot, humid nights can still make it hard for your body to relax and fall asleep...

It is important for your health to get the sleep you need, so below are a few tips to help with sleeping...

๏ฝœTry a hot bath before bed for better sleep

A hot bath can help change your core temperature and get you to fall asleep more quickly * especially if the water temperature and timing of the bath are just right *

--- a warm bath can help us relax, but also because our body temperature tends to drop after a warm bath, which can induce better sleep!

๏ฝœAway from electronic products

Do you have a habit of using electronic devices before sleep?
Electronic devices emit an artificial blue light that can suppress the release of the bodyโ€™s sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. Conversely, this can interfere with the bodyโ€™s natural internal clock that signals when itโ€™s time to sleep and wake up.

The more time we spend in front of an electronic device, especially during night time, the greater the delay in the release of melatonin, making sleep a challenge.

๏ฝœAvoid eating just before your bedtime

Eating a full meal late at night right before going to bed can be harmful, as it can cause weight gain, heartburn and may disrupt sleep.

Try to avoid eating and drinking 2-3 hours before going to bed to give your stomach and body a full rest during sleep time! You should also avoid alcohol and foods containing caffeine. Especially sweets and fried foods that are more difficult for your digestive system to process!

๏ฝœAdjust the Temperature

If insomnia is a problem, maybe your bedroom is too hot or too cold. Both can affect sleep.

The best temperature for sleeping is around 18-20 degrees. You could set your timer before jumping to the bed, set it to automatically turn off after 1-2 hour (to lower the indoor temperature) Some can't fall sleep with the air conditioner on ( due to the noise of the air conditioner and will also absorb the moisture in the air, so it is easy to get a dry and uncomfortable throat when you get up in the morning!)ย 

To Get You Sleeping Again
Addiction Summer Blanket

Point 1๏ฝœ3 structures

Made of polyamide cooling material + ultra-fine fiber cotton + semi-micro fiber material

3 types of functional blanket
Polyamide cool feeling raw material
Microfiber cotton
Semi-microfiber raw material


Point 2๏ฝœDouble-sided functional blanket

Dry + Cooling in One

For people with high body temperature throughout the year: Pregnant moms and children, thin blankets are generally light and easy to use, but the material is not breathable and unable to absorb sweat
, and it is easier to catch a cold.

On the contrary, the cool feeling of Addiction Summer Blanket can
quickly absorb sweat and dry quickly to provide comfortable and keep you refreshing!


Point 3๏ฝœAble to wash directly in the washing machine

It's easy to forget about the little things during household cleaning, especially bedding. Mattresses and comforters can double in weight from dust, mold, bacteria, allergens, and dead skin that accumulate when we sleep on them.

(To a dust mite, your pillow is heaven, filled with the tasty dead skin cells)

Beds and beddings used every day should be cleaned regularly!
The Addiction summer blanket can be wash directly in the washing machine.
With the special designed , it allows you to easily put it in the washing machine to clean !

Addiction Summer Blanket in 4 colors

For your personal preference, choose from 4 colors!

  • Ivory
  • Cool Gray
  • Deep Gray
  • Deep Navy






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