How To Make Your Room Feel Like a Hotel: With Hotel Quality Bed Sheets✨💌

How To Make Your Room Feel Like a Hotel: With Hotel Quality Bed Sheets✨💌

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Is there anything as luxurious than a night spent in a five star hotel room? Every detail is perfectly considered with your best sleep in mind: the heaps of fluffy pillows, cool, crisp sheets, and a billowing duvet. When you awake, refreshed and relaxed, you have to wonder... how did they do it❓

That's why people willing to spend money on enjoy Hotel Staycation🌴🌞

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Here's the good news: it's easy to make your bedroom at home feel like your favourite boutique hotel. Not only have we spent years putting together dream beds for our customers, but we've studied hotel rooms to learn their secrets for a luxe, sleep-inducing room. We've compiled our top 3 steps to make every night feel like a night away from home, get cozy while we share our top tips with you.😍

Featuring BODYLUV's Hotel-style Bedding

1. Affordable & high-quality bedding
A pricey one is not always the best, but you can always find one with an affordable product that matches the price you want! You can't spend every day in a HOTEL, so why not invest in excellent bedding to accompany you through every tired day💤 

Hotel-Style Bedding🌴🥪
• Double sided color
Mites prevention fabric
Process of peach skin
 Skin-friendly, non-irritation
• All-season quilt

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 2. Having Home Fragrances💐 🌷
Smell is one of the senses that we use most in our daily life. In fact, we experience the feel of scents every time we breathe in. This being the case, it has been proven that scents can influence our minds and body in several ways. 😍😭This has resulted in the use of scents in daily living atmospheres to better the atmosphere and living conditions.😡😂

- Improves Your Mood
- Delivers Fresh Air

Featuring A NORMAL's Homecare Spray

Home fragrances influence your mindset and improve your mood, which will make you lively as never before.💖 Even when you come home after a stressful day at work, you will soon get relaxed with these soothing fragrances getting into you and influencing your body and mind. 🍃

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Although most HOTEL would not provide room fragrance but choosing one of your favorite scents of candle or diffuser in the bedroom can improve your mind and body at the same time!🛌 🧸

 3. Find a great pillow that suits you the best☃️

Enough sleep is the most important thing to maintain a good and energetic day! So make sure your pillow is comfortable enough and provides you with the best sleep experience without neck or back pain problems.🛏💤

Featuring BODYLUV's Addiction Cotton Ball Pillowcase

Pillows play an important role in your sleep and will have a considerable impact on your overall well-being. Spend time and find one that fits you the most! 😍

Here are some different styles of pillows for you to choose from🔻

Featuring BODYLUV's Mong Sil Pillow

• Firmness rating: Soft
• Ventilation Technology
• Soft-touch surface

Featuring BODYLUV's Addiction Cotton Ball Pillow

• Firmness rating: Soft
• Suitable for back and side sleeper
• Protects against allergens, dust, ticks, and fungi

 Featuring BODYLUV's Addiction Air Foam Pillow

• Firmness rating: Solid Soft
• Medium High Support
• C-shaped curve support / Ergonomic 3D design
• Fillings with mixture of memory polyurethane and high-density EPP filling at a ratio of 7:3

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Transform your living space into your kinda HOTEL-STYLE.💝Learn for more bedding collections that can help you create the mood and atmosphere you need room by room, shop it here

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