Sleeping in this way is the coolest - Change to the cooling bedding!

Sleeping in this way is the coolest - Change to the cooling bedding!

Are you all ready for summer?

I believe everyone has the experience of being too hot to sleep, right?

For better sleep quality on the hot and humid night

This summer, Bodyluv launches #Cooling Collection

Cooling Anti-Bug Blanket>>

It was sold out as soon as it was launched in South Korea, with a 4.7-star rating

Double sided material design

Use the cool side to cool down on hot days.

You can use the normal side on chilly days for a soft and cosy feel.The material does not easy to absorb moisture, so sleep refreshingly with it!

Upgraded to 4 parts compared with the previous generation

โœ”The cooling fabric increases the anti-mosquito function

In addition to using anti-mosquito ingredients from natural raw materials to reduce mosquito bites

In the summer when there are many mosquitoes, you can sleep peacefully without worrying about being disturbed

โœ”3D mesh filling is more cool and breathable

Use 3D mesh pads that are more breathable than cotton pads

Breathable and sweat-wicking ability UP!

โœ”Normal side added anti-static processing

Not only adds anti-static treatment but also improves the durability of the fabric

Frequent cleaning is not easy to fluff and thread

can be used for a longer time


ย โœ”Easier to store and use

With a storage bag, it is more convenient to store and use
Increased portability, more suitable for camping and travel

Cooling Anti-Bug Mattress Pad>>

In addition to using a cooling blanket, a cool mattress is also recommended in summer!

Especially recommended for menopausal parents, or those who are easy to get angry!

Deep Sleep Pillow>>

Summer-Limited Deep Sleep Pillow

Use breathable air mesh material

And use 4 refreshing colours

Both somatosensory and visual are cool!

If you want to find โœ”Cool-touchย  โœ”Appropriate height to securely support the head

I sincerely recommend that you must try the Deep Sleep Pillow!


Sleep more comfortably on sweltering, humid nights
if you want to save money on your electricity bill, It is recommended that you pack a whole set of cool series!

Sleep cooler and more comfortably!


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