Flawless soft and dewy skin, I wish I can have it too! Why do Korean girls have great skin complexion?

Flawless soft and dewy skin, I wish I can have it too! Why do Korean girls have great skin complexion?

Every time I visit Korea, those girls on the streets have such clear and dewy skin!

Ok, not just them, even guys! Their skin is pretty flawless, you can barely see the pores! Why…? 

Korea’s climate is dry, if you’ve been there before...you will realize that the face will not turn oily easily, which is why they are less likely to get acne. When I was there, I thought that my skin condition has improved, but after I return home, it’s back to square one. 

Of course! Apart from genes and climatic changes, this has got to do with daily habits and diet! For girls who want soft and dewy skin, you will have to put in extra effort…! Let’s take a look at how Korean girls usually take care of their skin...GO!


Koreans love Kimchi and other fermented foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. These help with digestion and detoxification, which are beneficial to the skin. When you go to a Korean restaurant, you will find many small side dishes on the table. After having a sinful meal, like BBQ meat, pork trotters or spicy stir-fried dishes, they will pair it with lettuce slices. This gives them lots of fiber and vitamins in a single meal.

Hence, if you want good skin, be sure to have a balanced diet by eating more fruits and vegetables



Koreans pay more attention to their looks and also physiques. Besides those who go to the gym, there are still many people jogging or strolling in the park or playground at night. Exercise not only sculpts your body figure, but also promotes blood circulation, improves your skin complexion and accelerates metabolism to take away impurities hidden in the pores.

Most people will feel that exercise is a very tiring and troublesome thing to do, but it isn’t necessary to do those kinds of challenging or intense workouts! Simply spend around 15mins walking around your house and make yourself sweat, this can help to detoxify your body and purify the skin! 



Regardless of age or gender, Korea is a country whereby the people take their appearances seriously. They hope to be in the best state throughout the day. Along the streets, when you see young girls or even aunties, most of them have makeup on…

It’s perfectly ok to put on makeup and look beautiful~ However, you have to remove them thoroughly at the end of the day, so as not to hurt your skin. If not, you may easily get acne and enlarged pores

Water quality has great effect on the skin

Many girls spend a lot of money on skincare products, but they neglect the ‘real skin killer’ - contaminated water. Many old houses are renovated beautifully, but still using old water pipes covered with heavy metals and dirt for decades.

How dirty is the water in the old pipeline? Take a look at the tap in your house...

Therefore, many people now start to pay attention to not only drinking water, but also the water for bathing and washing face. BODYLUV, a well-known household brand in Korea, has launched a ‘Water Line’ collection. There isn’t a need for major replacement of those old water pipes, but this amazing thing helps you filter out dirt and impurities…!

BODYLUV Puresome Washbasin Tap

The pure filter inside this product can filter 1 ~ 5 fine particles! This effectively blocks particles found in old water pipes like dust, impurities, rust, etc. 

Many netizens shared their experiences after using it for less than a month!

[ BODYLUV Puresome Washbasin Tap ]

‘Chlorine’ that causes skin aging! 

Are you tired of applying lots of skincare products, but the condition isn’t improving? It is likely that the chlorine in the tap water is doing the trick! Chlorine is added to sterilize the tap water during the purification process, but Chlorine left in water can actually cause harm to the skin, such as dry skin, itching, rashes and speeds up the skin aging process

BODYLUV Puresoap (New version)

An upgraded version of vitamin puresoap

Compared to the first-generation Vitamin Soap, improve to better ingredients and more scents. After more than 1,300 hours of natural maturation remove residual chlorine and get more moisturizing.

Let’s conduct an experiment…! Water with chlorine added becomes yellow. However, after dissolving Puresoap into the water, the water turns clear straight away!

Puresoap has strong cleansing strength to remove dirt and impurities within pores! It leaves a light and refreshing scent in the bathroom :)

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We hope that you can also achieve flawless and amazingly beautiful skin! ❤️

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