Epidemic prevention at home affects the biological clock! "Insomnia" causes a person to be extremely tired...

Epidemic prevention at home affects the biological clock! "Insomnia" causes a person to be extremely tired...

Since 2020, the epidemic has caused panic and tension almost everywhere.

According to the Sleep Foundation website, compared with before the epidemic, the number of people suffering from insomnia has increased by 37%...

Statistics even show that the most searched keyword on Google in 2020 is "insomnia". Among them, sleep disorders caused by the pressure of the pandemic are also known as "coronasomnia"

Below we sort out four reasons that may aggravate this phenomenon โžค

โ… . Losing track of time


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Before the "work at home" model, our brains automatically distinguished between the workplace and the home; the workplace is work, and the home is a space for rest and relaxation. But now, when almost all of us work from home, the line between work and rest is blurred! The longer you work at home, the more irregular your working hours will be. More research shows that people who work from home tend to stay up late...


โ…ก. Using electronic devicesย forย longย periods during the day

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Due to the limitation of the range of activities, what you can do at home is probably to swipe your phone, watch movies, etc. Some people spend more time following the news in order to keep up with the latest epidemic, greatly increasing the time they use electronic products. Sensational news may cause anxiety, and the blue light emitted by the screen will also increase the secretion of cortisol at night, which is more likely to cause insomnia...


โ…ข. Reduced amount of exercise or wrong exercise timing

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At the beginning, I thought that working from home can save a lot of time, such as time spent in traffic. In fact, our working hours were extended without our knowledge. We still need to spend more time taking care of our families, especially those with children.

Regular exercise will make the quality of sleep better, but if we stay at home often, we lack exercise and this may be one of the reasons caused by your anxiety and insomnia.

โ…ฃ. Mentalย health

-ย Image via๏ผšAndrea Piacquadio@Pexels

The epidemic has lasted too long, and the positive thinking that was thought to be over soon is being erased, bringing people a sense of uncertainty and feeling of loss of control. Excessive worry can also easily lead to poor sleep problems..


Last, research reports show that pillows have a great direct impact on sleep quality!!!

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You know the pillows that we use everyday is it actually dirtier than the toilet?ย 

The regular cotton and latex often used as pillow materials,ย which is non washable and is difficult to manage.ย 

Addiction Air Foam Pillowย is washable with the pillowcase

The filling EPP and memoryย polyurethane of the pillow is composedย of particles to maintain air circulation.

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Finally, letโ€™s take a look โ†“

Remember to keep a relaxed mood, stay home could be fun tooโ™ก

We wish you have a good night's sleep tonight zzz


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