Choosing Your Pillow! Find the best and most comfortable pillow that suits your posture

Choosing Your Pillow! Find the best and most comfortable pillow that suits your posture

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How to pick the perfect pillow for a good night of sleep

How do youย knowย which kind ofย pillowย isย right for you?


Since 2017, the Addiction Pillow known as the "Korean National Pillow" has been loved by many customers, and a total of 1,500,000 pieces have been sold so far.

2-time upgrades

In the past five years, we have been working on "how to improve and create a better comfortable sleep time for our consumers" and we updated the Addiction Pillow.

15 time of sample tests

In March 2020, BODYLUV Korea developed a variety of materials through the "Looking for the Life Pillow Activity" and conducted 15 sample tests.

BODYLUV finds the most suitable pillow for you!

Before you start, let check and see what kind of pillow you will need!


How is your sleeping position?

For back sleepers
So, what's the height and touch you looking for?

If you like taller pillows and firmer touch, we recommend Addiction Pillow.

If you like a proper pillow and a softer touch, we recommend you MongSil Pillow



For side-sleepers, we recommend Addiction Pillow.



Hugging a pillow while sleeping?

We recommend youย Mong Sil Pillow



ใ€ŒWhat makes a good pillow?ใ€


Are the pillows expensive? Functional pillow? Cervical pillow?
Well, they may all be good pillows

Choose according to your needs

Even the most expensive pillow, if it is not suitable for your sleeping posture, sleeping habits, physical needs, it is useless, right?

As everyone has a different weight, body shape, neck thickness, and head shape...

This is why you need an Addiction Pillow!

This is why we use micro airballs as our fillings instead of sponge and other else...

The micro airballs are flexible, it's fit everyone needs.

From different sleeping position to different head shape, the micro airballs with 3D ergonomic design fits any sleeping position!

That's what makes it so special!
The 8 million micro airballs in the Addiction Pillow absorb any tiny movement that hinders sleep and help maintain good sleep quality.



ใ€ŒHow to Choose a Pillow Heightใ€



The height of the pillow determines the comfort

According to the research results,ย When you sleep, it is best if the pillow keeps the forehead and chin at a 5ยฐ angle. For Asians, 6~10cm is the appropriate pillow height.

The most comfortable pillow height for back sleepers:
Men are about 6.8~10cm
Woman is about 5.1~7.5cm


The most comfortable pillow height when lying on your side:

Men are about 8.3~10.5cm

When women are about 7.2~9.4cm

3D Ergonomic Design to stay comfortable for all sleeping positions!

Regardless of which sleeping position, it is perfect!ย 

Addiction Pillow wraps around the neck and head comfortably,ย everyone can sleep well in any position.ย 



Functional & Good looking

Mongsil Pillow

Mongsil Pillow is Divided Into Firm, Soft, Mesh, Cervical Shiatsuย 

Neck Support & Shiatsu Massage Zone

High-density memory foam provides just enough support to keep your neck in a relaxed position.

This memory foam pillow design optimized shapes according to Asian body shapes, weight, density, height, and angle of oppression during a person's sleep. It helps supports the cervical spine from the back, neck, and shoulders when resting or sleeping

Having the right bed pillows is not only comforting, but they also play an important role in supporting the neck, shoulders, and spine

Without the right pillow support, there will be a triangular space between the neck and shoulders and the pillow

If you haven't found a pillow that will give you a good night's sleep, then BODYLUV might be the one!๐Ÿ’™




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