Cute crit! Sorry for my wallet. I really need to spoil on this cute thing 😢

Cute crit! Sorry for my wallet. I really need to spoil on this cute thing 😢

Minions Year! 🎉🎉
Who's not minions fans💛

No matter which brand Minions is collaborating with,
you can't stop to take another look!

Yes! The cutest and baddest Minions is collaborating with
Korean Home Lifestyle Brand BODYLUV~~

And you are right! With BODYLUV brand ambassador "Hyun Bin" !!

Special Collection💙 BODYLUV x Minions💛
Waterline & Bedding Line

Cute appearance and excellent quality !!
Whoever had used BODYLUV product, can't stop repurchasing it 💸💸💸

🍌MINIONS Waterline🍌

  • MINIONS Showerhead
  • MINIONS Shower Hose Tube
  • MINIONS Vita Milk Filter
  • MINIONS Vitamin Cala Soap

Get the lowest price at $12.8, and you can take minions home!😎


Photo credit: Instagram @xiaokeiki

Minions Puresome Shower Head that will brighten up your
bathroom and your bath time! Have a fun bathing experience
with your little kids🚿🧸


Photo credit: Instagram @arthurthechubbyboy

We also launched BODYLUV X MINIONS Waterline SET ❗️❗️
Cute enough for a Gift, Satisfied enough for your kids 🎁🎁

Bring it home with ONLY $135.00 ->> $108.00 !!!✨✨

Are you still worrying about what to buy for Christmas to exchange gifts?
Here it is!! Practical and Cute "Christmas exchange gift"
or as a "Housewarming gift" 👍🏻👍🏻

Limited Edition!!!
You should buy it ASAP🔥🔥

🍌MINIONS Bedding Line🍌

  • MINIONS Hug Pillow
  • MINIONS Beanbag
  • MINIONS Addiction Eye Mask

 If you are too lazy to go out but you really need this CUTE thing?

Free shipping in $49 ONLY!!
Get 10% OFF for first time purchase 💥💥






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