[Bedding Recommendation] Baslack blanket as comfortable as a hotel blanket

[Bedding Recommendation] Baslack blanket as comfortable as a hotel blanket

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Whether travelling or just staying in Hong Kong for a staycation, are you addicted to soft and comfortable bedding that will give you a good night's sleep? (I mean the ones that are really comfortable, forget the ones that aren't) A good bed and blanket are definitely a plus when experiencing a hotel!

It's not my turn to travel now, as a mom who relies on the school calendar and accommodation is getting less and less (because...it's getting more expensive), but! I can move hotel-style bedding into my room and enjoy all by myself (don't believe it?! see pics)

BODYLUV Baslack Blanket/Mattress Pad - is a blanket inspired by hotel quilts, perfect for spring and autumn. The outside looks fluffy, the inside is very soft, and there is a rustling sound when covered. Unexpectedly, "crisp on the outside and soft on the inside" is not only a description of fresh and hot pineapple buns but also a blanket.

The blanket has a double-sided design with different colours on both sides. As for what colour to choose, it's really difficult for someone like me who has a hard time choosing, and I struggled for a while at first.

White- 100% restores the relaxed feeling of the hotel, while the blue is just like the sky and dreamy feels, I really want to have it! In the end, I chose... lemon sorbet and ivy green, no surprises, no surprises, in fact, I also like the pastoral feeling of green flowers.

Special processing method that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside:

◎The first layer: Down Proof treatment to prevent mites - A finer processing technique can block the invasion and reproduction of mites that are invisible to the eyes, and effectively reduce rhinitis and allergy symptoms.

◎Second layer: Peach Skin - The surface of the raw material is processed by fine cutting and sanding, which makes the blanket surface softer and more comfortable.

◎The third layer of anti-static treatment to reduce irritation - effectively reduce friction with the skin and prevent static electricity.


There is no animal stuffing (such as goose feather) in the Baslack Blanket, but a more elastic and fluffy low-denier cotton, so that the blanket is more elastic than an ordinary blanket, and the fluffy strength is greater, covering as It's like being in the clouds, comfortable and warm. The point is that it is cheaper than a blanket with a material filling (ladies, take notes)

 For me, the fluffy mattresses in the same series have 4-corner fixing straps and non-slip designs are a big bonus. No matter how bad the sleeping conditions of the people around, how ''busy'' the three little monsters are, the mattress will not move. "It's still clean and tidy, which really heals me.

The whole mattress has a certain thickness, and the checkered pattern design makes it really comfortable to sleep on.

If the mattress is used on the floor, plus it is anti-slip design, it can be used as a play mat for kids to play on.

At the same time, the blanket has a matte material with a sense of literary youth. it looks good even if it is wrinkled, and it is also very comfortable.

The last part is about cleaning. Baslack blankets and mattresses are all washable (both machine washable and hand washable). Because the inner filler is made of extremely fine fibres, it will not deform even after washing, and the formation of agglomeration of cotton is reduced.

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