When Your Child Hates Bath Time🛀 - 5 Reasons Why Kids Don't like Bath Time And What To Do About It

When Your Child Hates Bath Time🛀 - 5 Reasons Why Kids Don't like Bath Time And What To Do About It

Do you have a child that hates taking a bath?
What do you think the reason is? 😓

Although bath time may be relaxing for adults, there are many kids who go running in the opposite direction they hear the word “bath time.”😰 😥

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If your little ones have to be chased down for their bath, There are some strange reasons why kids don't like bath time ▼

① I am playing and I don’t want to take a bath!😡

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👶Imagine it:
Your child is fully absorbed in the game or book. His or her attention is focused on the game and trying to figure out more. and then you step in and interrupt...

When you notice that your child is paying attention to something, even for just a moment or two, try to wait until your child breaks his or her attention independently before interrupting.


② Often get scold in the bathroom😭

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Children are all full of curious, just at the age when he wants to explore the world. He or she wants to touch and try everything themselves!

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Just like rushed to squeeze shower gel by themselves, putting shampoo on themselves and don't want you to help or playing with the showerhead...

And sometimes we used "No!" "No!" and so on, which made the child feel unfriendly in the environment and left a bad impression of the shower.😢😢


③ Fear of getting soap in their eyes

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The most common bath time issue is the fear of getting soap in the eyes. Kids have a good memory for pain and it only takes one soapy, teary experience for them to run away from bath time altogether.🧼

Besides soapy eyes, many kids don’t like water on their faces too!😫


④ Temperature of the water or the water pressure

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Some young children are more sensitive to temperature or with the feeling of water around their body.

A possible indicator of this would be if your child keeps refusing to sit in the water/ stand under the showerhead through the entire bath.🚿🚿


⑤ Sensory issues 

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If your children are sensitive and afraid of bathtime – there are many triggers around bath time that might overwhelm them.😭😨

Parents do not always realize that their children may have some sensory issues.

Some children are way more sensitive than others. Especially when in bathtime, water flowing across their face, strong water pressure from the showerhead, stepping on a cold floor, shampoo, and bubbles on the hair... and they are not good at expressing yet, and can only react by crying or running away.🏃‍♀️ 🏃 

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So is there any solution?

Help associate bath time with fun time! 👌🏻👌🏻


Ⅰ. Carefully find the most suitable water temperature 

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It is better to control the bathwater at around 37-38 degrees💧

You should always pay notice to your child's reactions when you trying the water temperature.

⚠️Sometimes we think it's warm but it's actually too hot for your child's sensitive skin.

If the water pressure of the showerhead of yours is not stable, you should change it!

Changing your shower head can resolve most water pressure issues.


Ⅱ. Keep the bathroom floor clean

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Keeping the floor dry and clean is important!

Some children might not fancy stepping on the soap bubbles left on the bathroom floor. It may also cause slipping accidents not only on children but also elder family members.🧼


Ⅲ. Make It Different

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Sometimes children hate bathing because they feel uncomfortable in the posture or way of bathing.

You can slowly adjust until you find the most suitable and comfortable way to meet your children's needs. For example, let them sit down and bath instead of standing, or change the water temperature, etc.🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️


Ⅳ. Make bath time a fun experience for you and your child

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Introduce a new toy, a bottle of bubbles, or an activity like drawing with bathtub crayons, or try some bath time game to play with them!

Let the children connect the "bathroom = a fun space" by themselves, and they will naturally look forward to the next bath.💦🐠 🐟✨

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Ⅴ. Purchase something children interesting in

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Such as cartoon packaging shower gel, shampoo, or a small towel with cute cartoon prints, sponge, etc., so that they can have a distracting object, and won't be too nervous during bath time.🤹 🤹 🤽‍♀️

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Last but not least, we going to introduce a ''secret weapon'' that makes bathtime even more fun!

Highly recommend by Korean parents :

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Copyright © Bodyluv Singapore, All Rights Reserved.

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Start from BODYLUV Puresome Shower Head🛀

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Copyright © Bodyluv Singapore, All Rights Reserved.

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💦Let's take a look at how much children enjoy their shower with this combination ▼

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