Are you still gifting cups, masks, and skin care products? 2022 K-trend is sending this! 🎁

Are you still gifting cups, masks, and skin care products? 2022 K-trend is sending this! 🎁

Whether it is a wedding gift, a birthday gift, or a housewarming gift, different ages or one's will have different interests because of their habits. It is definitely not easy to choose a gift that the other party likes!😭🤯

If you want to choose the most suitable gift,  must pay attention to the following key points!🔑🎉

① Be aware of other's interests or preferences

This must be the most important point of gift-giving. If the gift you send just fits the needs of the other party, they must be very happy!😍🎁


But how do you know what the other person needs? It can't be wrong to start with daily necessities, right?🧸🛍
Everyone's daily necessities, such as things for house care, or home appliances are also very popular gifts in recent years!⌚️🖨

② Exquisite and textured gift set

Now there are more and more gift sets on the market with pretty packaging, you will never be disappointed when received gifts! And I love unboxing~💝

③ Gifts should not be too large

Some people may think the bigger the better, but who wants to bring an oversized doll back home, do you like it?🧸 Moreover, if your house is not big enough, might take up a lot of space. Unless your friend loves to collect this type of product, better recommended to choose a gift that is easy to take away.💌


Today's recommended gift can be said to be super popular in Korea!
Small, but very functional:

BODYLUV Mini Vita Filter SET

A set of filters containing a body and 4 different aromas, you can choose according to your friend's preferences, 3 series include fruit🍊, sea🌊and forest🌲.

The fruit collection consists of four different seasonal fruits, respectively grapefruit, Cala mango, jujube, and citrus! Especially suitable for girls, people have a higher acceptance of fruit aroma. If you don't know what to choose, this will be the one!🍐 🍊 🍋

The sea collection is reminiscent of the aroma of the sea at different times, including pomelo sea salt, baby powder, etc. The scent is very suitable for girls looking for unique and niche fragrances.🌊💦🌬

The forest collection represents the aroma emitted by different trees, including wormwood, warm woody aroma, etc., which are more attractive the more you smell. The taste is more bland and neutral.🌲 🌳 🌴

Why choose a Mini Vita Filter Set?

➤ You can bathe with perfume at home to make life more enjoyable!

➤ Rich in vitamins to remove residual chlorine, people with sensitive skin can use it too

➤ Lightweight, can take it with you for staycation/travel

➤ Vitamin aromatherapy that relaxes both YOUR body and mind


Don't be afraid to buy it if is not suitable, suitable for more than 99% of house showerheads, the installation method is simple▼

❶ After turning off the bottom body part,
put in the Mini Vita Filter and reinstall it.

Separate the original shower head from the water pipe.

❸ Install the Mini Vita Filter on the shower head 
and reconnect the detached water pipe.

The packaging is exquisite and functional, the price is very cost-effective! Perfect for personal use or as a gift ♥

Find the most perfect and suitable gift!
Shop on the official website to see more details ▼




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