Bodyluv Vita Puresome Shower Head NEW Launch! "Vitamin, Massage, Puresome"How do I choose? feat.Hyun Bin's Choice

Bodyluv Vita Puresome Shower Head NEW Launch! "Vitamin, Massage, Puresome"How do I choose? feat.Hyun Bin's Choice

Not sure if you guys have noticed  "Li Zheng He ", from Crash Landing on You, Hyun Bin is the new Ambassador for BODYLUV !

#HYUNBINCHOICE! BODYLUV Puresome Shower Head Series, the second generation of "Pure Vitamin Shower Head" is finally launching!

In addition to the continuation of the first generation of filtering rust and impurities, the 2nd generation added function of "vitamin filter"!A big plus for an upgraded version of the showerhead!

But if you had visited BODYLUV's website or you are a big fan of BODYLUV, then you must have noticed there is another new shower head launching- Bodyluv Puresome Brush Shower.(Click for more info)

Bodyluv Vita Puresome Shower Head ↑↑↑

#HYUNBINCHOICE! Upgradation version!

Five-functions ➤

1) Water-saving effect

2) Remove residual chlorine and rust water

3) Water pressure increases

4) 5 attractive fragrances vitamin filter

5) Vitamin C supply, strengthen moisturizing

The vitamin filter contains up to 18,500 mg of vitamin C to help remove residual chlorine and maintain skin resilience!

Well, Some of you might think that it's no different compare with the first generation? 

NO NO! They're different! 

The first generation itself is not able to remove residual chlorine. The first generation of puresome shower head contains antibacterial balls on the head, which is designed for block impurities! so some of our customer they will purchase additional Puresome Vita Milk Filters. Puresome Vita Milk Filters provide Vitamin C.

And for the 2nd generation, Bodyluv Vita Puresome Shower Head provides 5 attractive fragrances vitamin filter

1) Pacific Ocean*HYUNBINCHOICE

2) Mandarin Tea

3) Wood

4) Sweet Mugwort

5) Bittersweet Mugwort

❤️NEW RELEASE!❤️5 different aromas for you to choose from!

For a whole new shower experience!

Bodyluv Puresome Brush Shower ↑↑↑

Bodyluv Puresome Brush Shower, this specially designed showerhead contains another new function! 

1)To remove shampoo residues

2) Scalp massage

3) Water pressure increases

4) Help pets to shower

5) Remove old waste and keratin

This section is included with 3 different brush heads, which are used for head, body, and specially for pets. Designed with 16 massage bristles to wash every corner of the scalp, to remove the old and dead scalp! The difference between the 3 brushes:

1) White brush-Soft / For Body / Silicone

2) Black brush-Semi-Hard / For hair / NBR

3) Blue brush-Hard / For Pet only / Silicone

 ****NOTE ****
Puresome Brush Shower contains an ON/OFF switch function, it is not recommended to use it with fragrance filters!


How to choose a showerhead accordingly?

Situation 1)

Looking for shower head can help to remove residual chlorine from tap water but the ceiling of your bathroom is not high enough.

Recommendation - Bodyluv Vita Puresome Shower Head

If you are looking for something that can help to remove the residual chlorine function, but considering about if using a Puresome Shower Head+ fragrance filter will make the entire handle extremely long, and might not be used to it, then you can definitely replace it with a pure vitamin shower head and install the new vitamin filter to the (original antibacterial ball position)! this helps save up a lot of space and still provides a wonderful home DIY spa experience for u!


fur-kids in the house / frequent scrubbing scalp brushes

Recommendation - Puresome Brush Shower

If you have a dog at home and like to wash your dog at home, Puresome Brush Shower is helpful for washing your dog at home. 

It comes with 3 different brushes, and one of the brush is specially designed for fur-kids use! It able to help gently cleans the waste hair of your dog and remove the dust and waste hair to prevent skin irritation!

In addition, if you are a manicurist, always afraid of getting nails rib while scrubbing your scalp,  it is also recommended to massage your scalp with Puresome Brush Shower to keep your scalp healthy.

Situation3) Not a fan of a fragrance filter?

Recommendation -  Puresome Shower Head

Not a fan of fancy shower head? No worries, we got Puresome Shower Head that fits all your basic needs! It helps to black dust, heavy metal and removes impurities from the tap water.

For those who simply want to remove impurities in the water, choose the first generation of Puresome Shower Head! 

Situation4) ALL YOU WANT IS Hyun Bin

Suggestion: Puresome Shower Head / Vita Puresome Shower Head

The Pacific Ocean fragrance is known as "Hyun Bin's choice "#玄彬香! It is a light fragrance of grapefruit and sea salt. You can also enjoy the fragrance recommended by Hyun Bin back at home anytime you want!


If you are already using BODYLUV's Puresome Shower Head, don't worry! To the above two upgraded versions, you can only buy the "replacement head", you can buy the head without the handle, which is more convenient and environmentally friendly for those who already have it!

The puresome filter elements used in the three shower heads are of the same specification and can be purchased at the original store! 

Don't miss out on his first unboxing video! Check out our YouTube channel for more video



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